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Why I Started in Internet Marketing

Internet and Network Marketing Professional seeking to help individuals and businesses generate leads. I am passoionate about learning everthing I can related to internet marketing, attraction marketing and social

I have a BS, and an MBA, but they did not give me the tools I need to succeed on line. Understanding social media takes a certain set of skills that I am just beginning to grasp.

I am always trying to learn, and alwsys seeking new ways to share what I learn. I subscribe to the philiopsy of:

  • Invest
  • Learn
  • Yrsvj

I like to think this helps me be a better person and always allows me the opportunity to make others better.

After over 30 years in white collar management and sales, I began Millard Clark Associates in 2006, and Atlanta Web Pros in 2008.

Through AWP, I build websites for small businesses using the WordPress Content Management System, as well as offer Search Engine Optimization and through this site I blog about Internet Marketing, Relationship Marketing, and Personal Development. Many of my blog posts are actually video blogs because I find it easier to communicate through the video process and it gives people a chance to get a better picture of me and what I do.

Some other things that I have going on are website traffic and affiliate programs.



Website Traffic

You can see more info about me on my home page.

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