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Leads Are the Lifeblood of Your Business

Every business has to constantly get exposure to new business, and new business comes from where? Well, leads of course.

Every network marketing claims to have a secret to get leads it seems. But there really are no magic bullets, no secret formulas. But there are methods.

Lead methods and systems come from tried and true marketing plans of action, and a system by which to launch those plans and capture leads that you can follow up.

See this short video and then click the link below the video.

How Do You Get Your Leads in Your MLM?

Are you a member of a multilevel marketing company?

If so, how do you get your leads?

The tried and true method taught by nearly everyone is to create a list of friends and family and talk to them first. They are less intimidating to talk to, and you might get lucky and sign up a lot of members of your own family. It’s especially great if you have a large family, LOL.

Then you go after your cold market, which is people you meet in your everyday life. Some people go out and walk through the mall’s, approach people and start a friendly conversation before introducing them to their product and/or business.

Here is a very short video which kind of demonstrates the process and explains why some folks have difficulty with it. They are just not that good at it.

There is nothing wrong with this process, and I am not putting it down. But……

If you’re around long enough you will run out of leads. This is where a lead system comes in handy. You can run ads on Facebook or you can Tweet, or you can buy leads to name a few.

There’s also something out there called attraction marketing, which is what I do now. Click Here to learn more.