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Tips For Network Marketing Success

A Plan for Network Marketing and MLM Success


Get Your Mind Right
• Daily meditation is recommended
• 15 minutes per day of work on self development

Establish Your “Why”
• What is your primary reason for doing what you are doing
• This must be clear, concise, specific and Real
• Daily affirmation of you “why”

Get Professional Training****
• Online Marketing Principles
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Blogging
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Snapchat

Start slow and Focus
Learn the basics of how to promote yourself – Brand Yourself, not your business
Focus on one thing at a time – most people seem to like to start with Facebook
• Consistency
• Practice the principles every day
• Set yourself with a plan – Daily and Weekly
• Chart your plan and stick to it
• Revise your plan as needed

Don’t Quit!!

Don’t Allow Negative Creep – Meditation and self development will help this
Don’t SPAM
Don’t be salesy
Don’t pitch all the time – you will turn people off
One in five of your posts should be directed to something that makes you money – 4 others should be of value.

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To Become Successful You Must Learn to Change

Success Requires a Good Attitude!

But you probably knew that, didn’t you. Why is Success so hard?

Tips For Change

Meditate twice a day.

Begin your day with a prayer of gratitude.

List all the wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for.

Get 30 minutes of exercise each day, to get the heart pumping.

Set daily goals each night, and set 30-60-90 day goals.

Do regular inventories to see where how your goals are being met.

Read 10 pages from an inspiration author (Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill, the Bible.)

Chinese Proverbs and Personal Development

Old Chinese Proverb and Philosophy

Lao Tzu

So for all these years we hear this saying, “Old Chinese Proverb Says….”. Well here is one example of whom might be behind all that wisdom…..Lao Tzu. The photo on the right is probably about as accurate as the photo of Jesus we had in the den when I was growing up.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious

A couple of nights ago, I was researching the power of the subconscious, because I have always found the subject fascinating, and there are some behaviors that I would like to change. I came across two videos, the first one by Dr. Bruce Lipton an internationally recognized stem cell biologist and leader in bridging science and spirituality, He was also a former medical school professor. It is titled “7 ways to Reprogram your subconscious mind.”

I found the video very stimulating, but he didn’t give a lot of practical suggestions for change, so I went further and found a video from another source, a lady by the name of Dr. Catherine Collautt. Cathy is a meta-physician and manifesting consultant, and she gives practical advice on aligning our conscious and subconscious to achieve our goals in life.

Here is Dr. Catherine Collautt. a meta-physician and manifesting consultant.