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Major Insights Into Video Marketing

These Results Should Excite You

 Read the entire article – click here.importance of tracking your progress

 I know you’ll be excited by your results!

In fact, creating a highly engaged following on Facebook is exactly how Kate McShea and her husband generated over 75,000 leads and earned $850,281 online over the past two-and-a-half years.

And look, She is telling you this not to brag…

But to let you know what’s possible on social media.

With that said, though…

 Simply having an audience doesn’t mean you’ll make a dime

You’ve also got to know how to effectively monetize your Fans and followers.

Don’t worry, though.

She is going to break down the entire conversion strategy for you.

Here’s what her 3-step process looks like…

  1. Continuously run a “Likes” campaign to consistently grow your audience
  2. Provide regular value by directing your viewers to a conversion-optimized blog post
  3. “Retarget” everyone who watches your videos or clicks on your posts with a congruent offer to make sales and build your list

Now, I can understand if that seems a bit complex, but here’s the good news…

You can actually get started in just 10 minutes and day with a budget of a whopping $10.

Sound like something you’d like to know more about?

 Read the entire article – click here.

How to Get Your Youtube Videos to Rank in Google

Youtube Video SEO

Just watched this incredible video and it is free to Watch. It is well worth your time.

This is a video by Frank Marino and Mark Harbert about how to use the Google Keyword Tool to rank your videos on first page of Google.

This is like an entire course on Youtube Video SEO.

Watch this short little that explains what it is all about, and then click on the Link Below.

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