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If you are like many people, you have trouble meditating because your mind is moving so fast, you can’t seem to slow everything down. You need to get yourself into a more relaxed state, and listening to music or sounds associated with Theta brainwaves can help.

Theta waves are high-amplitude but slow-cycling brain waves – only 4-7 times per second. That’s really slow brain activity, as compared to Beta waves which are high activity waves associated with working, multi-tasking and being very active. Only Delta waves, associated with extremely deep (non-dreaming) sleep, are slower.

Theta waves are associated with imagination, dreaming and deep meditation.

Theta waves are associated with sleeping and dreaming, learning,

creativity, daydreaming and very deep meditation. More importantly, they are also associated with self-reprogramming and spiritual experiences. If you’re interested in becoming a better at problem-solver, get more spiritually connected, intuitive, imaginative, creative and physically relaxed, you are going to want to listen to theta soundwaves which put you into a theta state.

Try the video below to see how meditating in Theta feels. Enjoy!