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A couple of nights ago, I was researching the power of the subconscious, because I have always found the subject fascinating, and there are some behaviors that I would like to change. I came across two videos, the first one by Dr. Bruce Lipton an internationally recognized stem cell biologist and leader in bridging science and spirituality, He was also a former medical school professor. It is titled “7 ways to Reprogram your subconscious mind.”

I found the video very stimulating, but he didn’t give a lot of practical suggestions for change, so I went further and found a video from another source, a lady by the name of Dr. Catherine Collautt. Cathy is a meta-physician and manifesting consultant, and she gives practical advice on aligning our conscious and subconscious to achieve our goals in life.

Here is Dr. Catherine Collautt. a meta-physician and manifesting consultant.