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How Do You Spent Your Time?

And Why Does it Matter?

How you spend your time is a big determining factor in three very important areas.

  • Your Happiness
  • Your Income
  • Your Desire to Improve Your Life’s Circumstance

Obviously, we all seek improvements in these areas, so it helps to analyze the four primary areas that we spend most of our waking hours. Franklin Covey divides them into four quadrants.

  • Q1 – Necessity
  • Q2 –¬†Extraordinary Production
  • Q3 – Distraction
  • Q4 – Waste

The chart below will further explain these quadrants.  For me, just being aware of what these are and how much time I spend in each area tells me a lot about myself, and what changes I need to make.

four quadrants of productivity

While it is not within the scope of this article to delve into the how’s and why’s of makings changes in your life, I am happy to say that I have an incredible resource library available to me of over 1,000, mostly webinars on the following subjects.

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