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To begin with, the above video begins a discussion regarding some of the methods that I have found to generate leads for my business. At the moment, I am using Elite Marketing Pro for my “Marketing System”. You can go HERE to try this system for 10 days FREE.

So Exactly What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is now widely accepted as a systematic approach to provide valuable content to a select targeted group for the purpose of building a relationship, trust and credibility with the audience who in turn we hope will become loyal customers or potential business partners. The idea attraction marketing was made popular by the network marketing industry. It’s primary platform is the Internet, but it is certainly not the only platform.LIfe is 10 percent what happens to you

The purpose of this discussion here is not so much to sell you on what I think attraction marketing is, but rather to provide a solid understanding of the term. If you want to see an academic definiion of the term, wikipedia is probably your best source. However, attraction marketing is not a set of tools and products that comes neatly packaged in an affiliate link. It is a strategy we feel should be used to develop your online business. Within that strategy, there are multiple tactics that can be used to drive traffic to your website or other source of information.

Marketing is a process of identifying customer needs and delivering a solution to meet those needs. Advertising is a form of communication used to hopefully persuade an audience to take a action, or view your brand favorably. Branding is simply a repetitive form of advertising to communicate a certain product or company with certain qualities in the mind of the consumer. These concepts have been around since the advent of mass production. Attraction Marketing is a distinctive concept which is built upon these components.

Defining Network Marketing

Network Marketing has traditionally been a “seek and sell” approach whereby representatives actively approach people in their personal networks as well as cold prospects in their niche to make a pitch, without any real knowledge of the prospect’s interest in their product or opportunity. While this is not the most efficient strategy, it has proven effective ever since companies like Amway made network marketing popular in the late 1950s. It was largely based on the relationships people have with their personal associates, not much different than recommending a movie or restaurant. This method has always been has always been an effective way of getting new customers. However there can be many negative consequences on your personal relationships, if people feel like they are being pestered by you to buy their product or service.

Attraction Marketing evolved out of two particular needs:

The pain and frustration of Network Marketing business owners, as well as the growth of internet marketing.