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A Plan for Network Marketing and MLM Success


Get Your Mind Right
• Daily meditation is recommended
• 15 minutes per day of work on self development

Establish Your “Why”
• What is your primary reason for doing what you are doing
• This must be clear, concise, specific and Real
• Daily affirmation of you “why”

Get Professional Training****
• Online Marketing Principles
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Blogging
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Snapchat

Start slow and Focus
Learn the basics of how to promote yourself – Brand Yourself, not your business
Focus on one thing at a time – most people seem to like to start with Facebook
• Consistency
• Practice the principles every day
• Set yourself with a plan – Daily and Weekly
• Chart your plan and stick to it
• Revise your plan as needed

Don’t Quit!!

Don’t Allow Negative Creep – Meditation and self development will help this
Don’t SPAM
Don’t be salesy
Don’t pitch all the time – you will turn people off
One in five of your posts should be directed to something that makes you money – 4 others should be of value.

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