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If you are not familiar with Napolean Hill, author of “Think and Growth Rich”, you should be. He was a personal development guru who has changed millions of people’s lives over the years. Here are some of his principles on living a meaningful live.

The Sixteen Traits Of Personal Initiative – Napolean Hill

1. Have a definite major purpose in life and a plan for its attainment
2. Form a mastermind alliance with those whose help is essential in helping you achieve your major purpose
3. Have the necessary persistence and a will to win that will carry you along when the going gets tough
4. Make decisions promptly when you have the necessary facts on which to base them, and changes them slowly if at all
5. Follow the habit of doing more than your paid for, and do it in a pleasing positive mental attitude
6. Accept full responsibility for everything you undertake and never pass the buck when things go wrong or don’t go your way
7. Take friendly criticism without resentment when needed because you know you will profit from it
8. Know the basic motives that inspire all human endeavors and never request anything by someone without giving them an adequate motive for doing so.
9. Never express an opinion about something unless you have thought it through and are prepared to state how you came to your opinion
10. Follow the habit of listening much, and talking only when you something to say that will benefit yourself and others
11. Have a well-developed sense of observation regarding the small details, and know your craft from the smallest detail to the greatest.
12. Never tell anyone to do anything without suggesting why it should be done and how it may be done best
13. Follows the habit of putting your full attention on one thing at a time
14. Develop a mental attitude that is positive at all times when in communication with other people
15. If you get asked a question answer with a direct answer, even if you don’t know the correct answer
16. Never put off today what could have been done last week, because the habit for procrastination is on the top of the list for reasons for failure